Tuchel is late Mario Pasalic last jigsaw

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Tuchel is late Mario Pasalic. The last jigsaw left by Chelsea.

If you mention the name of Mario Pasalic, English Premier League football fans. Many people will wonder and think about who he is, even some Chelsea fans can’t even remember his name. Which is not strange at all. Because throughout his playing career at Stamford Bridge. He was rarely involved in the first team, so

why do we need to come back and talk about this former player? That is because if you look at the style of play as well as the current work, he is a style midfielder who can answer the way Thomas Tuchel plays very well. And if the German boss took over the team six months earlier than this. Pasalic might be born with a full navy blue lion It can be gone.

Mario Pasalic is a 26-year-old Croatian midfielder. Who previously played for Chelsea after being drawn from Hajduk Split in 2014 at the age of 19. At that time it was almost impossible. As a result, he was loaned to various teams from Elche, Monaco, AC Milan and Spartak Moscow until 2018, as Atalanta decided to loan him on a two-year contract with options. outright purchase It was there that he emerged and rose to prominence with 20 goals and 13 assists until finally leaving in mid-2020 for just £13million.

Of course, after moving to Italy He became the main force for Atalanta in moving up to the top team in Europe. Along with elevating himself to be an important force of the Croatian national team, replacing Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, who have withered over time.