The Changed Role of Scott McTominay.

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The Changed Role of Scott McTominay.

To take over Ralph Rangnick ‘s Manchester United team , the first goal is important. Trying to get the team out of the way Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done and elevate himself to challenge the big legs of the Premier League of this era like Manchester City , Chelsea and Liverpool.

In fact, the German coach has a fairly strong squad. But with the style of pressing applied to teams. the options are quite limited. Which makes the News to be done gradually in the beginning

So we saw our debut against Crystal Palace in the same starting XI that Solskjaer and Michael Carrick used. 

Rangnick continues to rely on his Mac-Fred duo to clean up in midfield in front of four defenders, and no other pair seems to have the perfect chemistry. this again Despite the “yee” sound from some Red Devils fans

What the 63-year-old boss needs from the two midfielders in his plans is energy and movement across the pitch. Although both have some concerns. Whether it’s a matter of passing and placing the ball from deep is the key weapon in this tactic.

Against Palace, the majority of the ball will be placed at centre-back. Including overlap to fill the offensive game of the 2 full-backs, which is a replacement for the missing midfield creativity.

With the limited qualities of the available midfield, United are still hopeful they can find a new midfielder who can pair up with Fred, who not only has the ability to carry the ball with him. not only dexterously, but also in passing the ball to attack opponents from the depths of the field.

The question then follows that why not mold McTominay to take this role?