Seaman believes Aubameyang come back Arsenal

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Still supporting Seaman, believes Aubameyang can come back in good form with Arsenal even without a goal in 6 games in a row.

David Seaman, former Arsenal goalkeeper and the England national team still support Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after a continuous decline in performance in terms of goals scored. which he has not scored in 6 consecutive games in the Premier League

Auba 32 is contracted to Arsenal until 2023. He has performed well in the first nine games with seven goals, but has failed to score in the last six games. Especially in the last game he dropped out of the team. And into the field in the game only 6 minutes to the last game. Which Arsenal defeated Everton 2-1 in this game. He had a chance in the last minute of the injury period. But missed the opportunity The more he was questioned about his self-confidence.

Gary Neville spoke to Sky Sports about the view that Aubameyang and Arteta could be in trouble.

“I don’t think he didn’t like the idea that Arteta picked Enkethia to play before him. I think he’s not satisfied. It will be a minor issue between Arteta and Aubameyang. The captain of the team. but was later chosen And that made me think that would be a problem. I think there is a chance Arteta will make money from him. and find someone to replace.”

However, Seaman said he did not agree with this matter. and continues to support the Gabon national team shooting star that continues to be an important member of the team