Rangnick Stunts Manchester United do not have sports science

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Rangnick Stunts Manchester United do not have a sports science expert at the club.

Ralph rang Nick manager pro tempore of Manchester United. Admitted that he was surprised after learning that the club does not have a specialist sports science working with a team of staff. according to Manchester’s Evening .

The 63-year-old made his Premier League debut in charge as United beat Crystal Palace 1-0 thanks to Fred’s goal on Sunday.

For the next game United have a queue. To meet Young Boys in the UEFA Champions League. Final group stage During a pre-match interview. Rangnick admitted he was surprised the club didn’t have a sports scientist working with the players before.

“I don’t even know what the situation at other clubs is like. But most clubs in Germany have sports scientists. For me this is very logical.”

“For me it’s just a logical question. We should have experts in the use of the brain. It’s not about having them sit on the red sofa and shake hands with the players. but to help the players in the team which the body needs the help of the brain So everyone in the team should think in the right direction,” said Rangnick.