Rangnick: Man Utd should score three goals in their 1-1

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Rangnick: Man Utd should score three goals in their 1-1

Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has revealed that after the 1-1 draw at Burnley in the English Premier League. The Red Devils actually scored three. the door is different

“Look at my mouth clearly in this game Man United. Should score three goals. Especially the second one that was flag by the lineman for that foul. If it’s a real foul, it’s a very childish foul,” Ralph told UFABET.

“We played very well especially in the first half that dominated the game in all aspects. They also had the opportunity to shine the door many times. Which sent the ball into the bottom of the net 3 times. But unfortunately two balls were forfeit by VAR.”

“At the same time, I admit that my team’s form has dropped a lot in the last 45 minutes. The boys have clearly lost their fierce anger. And it gives opponents more chances to score goals until they are equaliz in the end.”

“Of course I’m disappoint a lot from a game like this. Either the defense was weak when the equalizer or the VAR forfeited two goals. And it resulted in my team dropping points unfortunately.”

“Again, Man United should have scored three goals from this game and the boys have done a really good job creating chances. Which sometimes wants to complain about how unlucky our team is because one point from a game that we are so much better than this is really too little.