Rafa responds to media reports Arsenal

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Rafa responds to media reports Arsenal are preparing to buy Calvert-Lewin strengthens the army.

Rafael Benitez ‘s team Everton debut on the media itself after Dominic Calvert – The Levin. good forward Became rumors that Arsenal are going to be buying to strengthen the army during the January market.

“First of all, we have to understand that if we don’t want to sell any player. They will never leave this team, meanwhile, if someone does, it means the club has sold it voluntarily,” Rafa told Sky Sports.

“I am sure all the players are happy to work at this club. Because we can guarantee that they will develop their pace quickly, by leaps and bounds. Because it is a very main policy that Everton has adhered to over the years.”

“Of course, when the buy-sell market opens in January There must be a lot more work to do. One of which is to hold important players to decide to leave the future with the team. The rest is to buy more new football players. Will it be as targeted or not? Let’s just wait and see.”

“Everyone can list as many players as they want to add to the army. As for whether there will be a chance to actually sign a contract or not, that’s another story. Because real life is not that easy, especially in the winter market.”

“What I value the most is Let’s see if any players really want to move to Everton and then talk about it in the next step. But for our own players If I don’t let them move No one will have the right to negotiate with other teams for sure.” according to a report from ‘ufabet