Owen insists Liverpool don’t need to rush to buy.

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Owen insists Liverpool don’t need to rush to buy a new striker because Origi is a godsend.

Liverpool legend Michael Owen has insisted. His beloved team won’t need to rush to buy a new striker. To replace Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in January because of Divo. Origi, who is exploding in the form of the gods all over the place.

“Although Origi is just a substitute with very few opportunities to play each year. But his name will be engraved on him as a hero of Liverpool because each goal scored is truly a part of the club’s history,” Baby Goal told BT Sport.

“Everybody knows Origi is the fourth or fifth choice of an attacking player that Jurgen Klopp will choose. But what is unbelievable is that he can always do incredible things at the right moment.”

“I’m going to say that if Origi continues to be Origi as Jurgen Klopp has defined it, even if Salah, Mane has to help the national team at AFCON. In January, Liverpool won’t need to rush to buy a new striker as many have worried.”

“While Salah, Mane is absent for a month, the team’s goal-punching potential is many times weaker. But I believe Origi will replace it at a satisfactory level. The more I think about the goal he scored against Barcelona in his UCL championship year, the more I realize he actually has a very high finishing instinct.

“Aside from Origi we have others like Diogo Jota, Roberto Firmino and Takumi Minamino, so don’t spend your money on a new striker and only use them for a month. So there’s no need to do that.”