Former Arteta supporter was dropped Aubameyang

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Former Arteta support was drop Aubameyang. As a substitute in defeat to Everton.

Andy Townsend has backed Mikel Arteta’s decision to hold Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as a substitute in Arsenal ‘s 2-1 defeat at Everton. In the Premier League on Monday night ago. According to reports from the website

The 32-year-old forward was in dire straits for the start on the bench in the game. Which although referred to as having the opportunity to enter the field in the last 5 minutes. But still makes the team miss the equalizer in stoppage time from the stroke of an unbelievable empty shot in front of the goal. Before the referee blows his whistle

After the game, Townsend believes Arteta made the right move to drop Aubameyang as a substitute for the game as the players appear to be not in the same great form after failing to score. have come several times in a row

“It’s the most fair for him. Especially when you’re the captain of the team. Which may create embarrassment for the coach Especially the coaches who are trying to come up with a full solution for the team.”

“I think it was the right decision, with Aubameyang, some days I see him as a striker who’s attacking the net. Some days he makes the team look like they’re only playing with 10 men. He’s hardly involved in the game,” Townsend said.