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How to take medicine correctly and safely?

It’s the right thing to use the right medicine for the disease you are ill. But the most important thing is  “taking the right medicine”  with the medicine that the doctor prescribed. There are medicines before meals, after meals, and there are prohibitions on taking certain types of medicines. And

“Late night” food menu that you can’t get fat

Who are you? When it was late at night, my stomach was always hungry, and when we couldn’t resist the hunger Accidentally ate a late night meal Finally had to sit and regret. Because the weight that has risen in such a way that it cannot be traction But don’t

7 danger signs “Nephritis”

Many times, a fast-paced lifestyle Working so hard that you don’t have time to care about your own health is the main reason. that makes the disease easy to ask for each other Therefore, it is not surprising that working-age teenagers start to have strange diseases. Come in and say hello

10 dangerous signs of “liver cirrhosis”

The liver is an organ that helps destroy toxins. or waste products from the blood build immunity against pathogens produce substances that help blood clot and produce bile for digestion and absorb oil-soluble vitamins When the liver cirrhosis has many functions like this, if the liver is damaged or malfunctions when? Your