Safe consumption of asparagus.

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Today, there is very little data supporting the medical benefits of consuming asparagus. Most of this information is obtained from animal testing. or human cells in test tubes. Therefore, there is still no clear and reliable evidence regarding the benefits and dosage for consumption. Consumers should therefore primarily consider safety in consumption. According to the following instructions.

Asparagus  is a type of vegetable that looks like a slender, pointed plant. It has roots and trunk underground. It is popular to be cooked and eaten. And It is used in cooking or producing various alcoholic beverages. In some cultures, extract is used as medicine to treat symptoms or improve health according to beliefs.UFABET 

Information for general consumers:

  • Safe to eat in appropriate amounts when cooked. And you should not eat asparagus in excessive quantities.
  • There is not enough information on the medicinal benefits of consuming. Therefore, those wishing to consume asparagus extract should consult their doctor carefully first.
  • Asparagus can cause side effects such as allergic reactions from both oral and oral consumption. or applying to the skin which consumers should be careful in using. And see a doctor if you experience any symptoms that are signs of an allergic reaction.
  • From some experimental reports. It was found that consuming asparagus extract in the highest amount (12 tablets/day) may cause side effects. Such as kidney pain and edema in patients with gout and have allergic reactions on the skin.