5 benefits of breast milk that go beyond giving your baby

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For new mothers An issue that should absolutely not be overlooked is breastfeeding to the baby only. Because breast milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and important nutrients for children. It also comes with many other values ​​that are good for your child’s health. So let’s take a look at 5 things you should know about breast milk that new mothers absolutely cannot miss: สมัคร ufabet

1.Increase intelligence

Breast milk helps increase the intelligence of children with important nutrients. That stimulates nerve fibers to branch out quickly and connects many different nerve cells to develop perfectly. Thus making the ability to work within the brain excellent. Children who are fed with milk will be able to plan their thinking and solve problems intelligently. Thinks complexly well and learns quickly.

2. Create a bond

while breastfeeding Looking into each other’s eyes, both baby and mother It will be a good connection. In addition milk stimulates the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates both the mother’s brain and the child’s brain to create bonding, love, and a good mother-child relationship. This makes children grow appropriately, creates happiness, and creates memory within the brain that helps make children’s learning better.

3. Good mind,

good nutrition within milk. It will help perfect the mental and emotional development of infants. As a result, children grow up with a good mood, a high EQ, and a warm feeling. have confidence and trust To both mother and father They are children who are easy to raise and have high emotional stability.

4. Good health

Inside breast milk is rich in vitamins. Minerals and nutrients are considered very valuable to children. Therefore, it affects the health and body of the child. Including that the immune system in newborns is strong enough to resist various diseases well, which if compared to children who do not receive milk, it is clear that the rate of illness in children who have always drank breast milk will be higher. There are less

5. Excellent development

There is research on breast milk that shows that when children have been drinking breast milk all the time, It will cause the brain to be developed at a good level. Which is compared to children who drink more cow’s milk than mother’s milk. The brain will not develop as well as a child who has always been breastfed. Therefore, children should start drinking breast milk in the first 6 months. This will make the brain and learning go quickly. Helps develop more perfectly than children who receive breast milk for less than 6 months or not at all.