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Safe consumption of asparagus.

Today, there is very little data supporting the medical benefits of consuming asparagus. Most of this information is obtained from animal testing. or human cells in test tubes. Therefore, there is still no clear and reliable evidence regarding the benefits and dosage for consumption. Consumers should therefore primarily consider


 Lutein is a type of carotenoid which has properties that help filter blue light and protect the skin from high-energy light waves. Therefore, it is believed that if you eat supplements or fruits and vegetables that are rich in lutein. It will help nourish and brighten your

Nutritional Value of Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt contains many nutrients. Compared to general yogurt that has the same amount. Greek yogurt has 2 times more protein than regular yogurt menu. Greek yogurt is a source of protein that is necessary for tissue repair. Hormonal work immune system  and neurotransmitters in the brain Also contains

“Tomatoes” benefits and possible dangers

Tomatoes are a type of fruit that are in the same family as eggplants. They have different colors, sizes, and characteristics according to each species. But the most popular variety to eat is the Sita tomato. and cherry tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the

How to exercise so that you don’t become fat again?

Losing weight and maintaining a stable weight is It is important to change your behavior in terms of diet and exercise. Exercise is important for losing weight. Because it helps the body burn more energy. and helps increase muscle mass Increased muscle mass increases the body’s energy metabolism. This allows the body to burn

Abdominal pain, what does this tell you?

Pain in the lower abdomen, a sign of a disease that women cannot ignore lower abdominal pain It’s a symptom that many people overlook because they think it’s a small thing. But the truth is not small at all. If anyone has lower abdominal pain Should hurry to consult an